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Apr 12, 2016 The president earns a salary of 0000 a year, while the first lady gets nada. Obama noted, “Michelle would point out first ladies get paid nothing. she might do to call attention to a cause or champion reforms, a first lady .No. The First Lady (or with a female president, First Gentleman), is considered the hostess (host) of the White House, but because they carry no official duties, they are not payed a salary.That issue was broached by former first lady Laura Bush, who in 2013 said "the interesting question is not whether [first ladies] should receive a salary, but should.Yeah, they get to live rent-free for four years in a mansion w/ all amenities included also cars/chauffeurs.First Million Dollar NBA Player The first million salary for one year was Moses Malone in the1978-79 season. He was paid exactly million. This was when Birdand Magic w…ere.

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Congressional Research Service 2 Service protection.6 In 1994, 1997.7 President George W. Bush and his wife Laura Bush would have been the first former President and first lady who faced this statutory limit.8 The Former Presidents Protection Act of 2012 (P.L. 112 -257), however, reinstated Secret Service protection for former Presidents and their spouses until their deaths.9.The first lady (or, to be politically correct, first spouse, since there’s a chance a man may hold the title next year) receives no salary for any work she undertakes while her husband is in office—a situation that hasn’t changed, even as the role has evolved from hostess to political powerhouse.Oct 20, 2017 Melania Trump cuts bloated first lady payroll from Michelle Obama days Melania Trump staff salaries. Lindsay “As with all things that she does, she is being very deliberate in her hiring, focusing on quality over quantity,” .Apr 5, 2016 A couple of Presidents have suggested that being First Lady should be a salaried position, but this idea Does FLOTUS (First Lady of the US) get a salary.How reviewed a description of all the tasks a first lady performs and came back with a list of jobs that each represented an aspect.

Even though the first lady of the United States (FLOTUS) isn't a salaried position, she is given a budget to carry out her work. (Her husband, by contrast, makes 0,000 -- an amount signed into legislation by President Bill Clinton in September.She does get a staff, given her workload she needs it, everone writing to the First Lady gets a response from her office. And before anyone starts carping about how Michelle gets vacations, those are standard for every First Lady, there is nothing Michelle has done that the others didn't.The first lady, a graduate of both Princeton University and Harvard Law School, was quite accomplished before she joined the University of Chicago in 1996 and ultimately the medical center.The mean salary of a first lady’s staff was ,356 and total staff expenditures 0,200, which represents a 25% reduction from 2012 when the 12 staffers attached to the first lady cost ,048,200. Between 2009 and 2013, the first lady cut five employees from her staff, saving taxpayers 6,800.Michelle Obama's staff consisted of 18 employees who got paid nearly .5 million in salary in 2010, according to the administration's Annual Report to Congress on White House Staff. The size of Michelle Obama's 2010 staff is comparable to the staff of former First Lady Laura.

First ladies have had staff in the White House since the end of the nineteenth century. Eleanor Roosevelt's The presidential family paid the first lady's staff from personal accounts until they What Does the Personal Staff of Congress.Despite the significant responsibilities usually handled by the First Lady, the First Lady does not receive a salary. This has been criticized by both Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama. This has been criticized by both Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama.Jul 3, 2018 According to a new report from NBC News, the First Lady was paid I never agreed to do a 'positive' story-I did an honest story and it was .Michelle Obama should not receive a salary as First Lady according to Laura Bush, who could definitely be said to be an expert on the subject. But these comments happen to stray into the political mine field of income inequality and the gender.May 18, 2018 First ladies have traditionally played significant roles at the White House. HowStuffWorks breaks down their duties and why they do it all for free. executive salary experts to come up with a fair compensation for the first lady .