The best one that I've settled on (best by far) is Linux Mint XFCE edition, it runs quick on the netbook but allows me a similar desktop experience to my main pc, where as I found all lighter desktops felt like they were too much of a compromise.Hi guys! I decided to try Linux mint because I got sicked of windows. I already installed and everything is working, except my touchpad.

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What works: SW - linux mint 13 cinnamon 32-bit with involves downloading, building and installing the driver module. Tags: Acer Aspire One AOD255 ENE 0cf2 6250 SD card reader netbook.

  • On this Acer Aspire One D260 notebook, I use also Linux Mint 18.1 32-bit xfce. (1) On Mint 18.1 it still runs reasonably well, as long as you do not try to watch Youtube videos.GNU/Linux operating systems are not difficult to use, and there are many helpful videos available on YouTube that demonstrate the various distributions (Ubuntu, Mint, Puppy, etc.) and systems (Acer Aspire One D270, etc.) that are available.

  • A short video demonstration how how Linux Mint can revive your outdated netbook. Donate dogecoin for more Linux videos! DHsVxRzaVC6ZNGfn9MvvoEcVbkwvdBuVoF.Installing linux mint 18.1 64-bit Cinnamon Serena Acer Swift 3, 14" Turn on your notebook, going into the newly created linux mint OS option and do all is because the Swift 3 has proprietary drivers installed that the Linux .

  • After installing this version of Linux Mint 18.1, it was gradually it) i doubt acer would ship any laptop with pre installed linux especially gaming .Linux Mint Serena - Aspire V3-575-5OTD (Updated to kernel v4.4.0-62) For acer laptops, After installing drivers if it's still not working. then you have To re-enable your touchpad: On your laptop keyboard, press the Fn key .

  • j'envisage d'acheter un Netbook qui n'est vendu qu'avec XP (samsung NC10). Je souhaite y installer un linux en dualboot. Cependant devant les multiples solutions, je ne sais pas trop vers laquelle.I had an old Acer Aspire one lying around with windows on it. With Windows it was extremely slow, so I decided to install Linux Mint on it. Works just great.

  • Okay, so, I want Linux Mint 9. I don't want to get rid of Windows 7 Starter though. I have an HP Mini Netbook. I'm a little bit worried that the drivers won't work or something like that, or that Linux Mint is going to remove 7. I'm using the Linux Mint 9 Gnome Live CD, but I'm using Universal-USB-Installer.Jun 12, 2018 Re: Acer notebook no sound 00:02.0 Display Server: X.Org 1.18.4 drivers: intel (unloaded: fbdev,vesa) Resolution: 1366x768@60.06hz GLX .

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One of the first things to do after installing Linux Mint is to check for available If you are offline, the Driver Manager will complain that it cannot connect to the .Bonjour, Pourriez vous me dire quelle est la version linux mint adapté opur acer d250 Svp. Merci d'avance. Configuration: Linux / Firefox 3.5.3.

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Aug 7, 2017 One of my older netbook computers, an Acer Aspire V5, is still being used by Linux configuration on this netbook, I am only going to install Linux Mint, graphic hardware drivers, wi-fi drivers and such, check.Hello, I am a total noob to linux distros and I want to install Mint on an older (2009) netbook that I am currently not using for anything. Mint seems like a good choice, but I'm not sure if I should install 14 or an earlier version.

I recommend Linux Distributions for all basic purposes. I'm off Windows for t. I'm off Windows for t. Purging Windows from a piece of legacy hardware and replacing it with LM18XCFE.I have however reviewed a large number of Linux distributions and many of these reviews have been conducted using an Acer Aspire One D255 Netbook. The Acer Aspire One has a 1,6 ghz Atom processor, just 1gb of RAM and a small 160 gb hard drive.