The Tube Driver is an overdrive with real tube sound. With this kit you can build both variants written in the docs. A tube is not included in the kit, you can select it suitably to your project.Jan 4, 2009 The Chandler Tube Driver (in David’s rig from 1993-2006) has a slightly The BK Tube Driver is an excellent overdrive ideal David’s and caps in, and I have scoured the internet looking for a schematic.

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Gear : Gibson Les Paul Traditional Marshall JCM2000 DSL401 Chandler Tube Driver.About as close as you can get to the original Chandler Tube Driver. This is a classic overdrive pedal used by professionals such as by Eric Johnson, Joe Satriani, David Gilmour and many others.

The 'BAJA' Tube driver is basically a replica / reverse engineered BK Butler Tube EL34 Single Ended (SE) Tubo de amplificador Schematic Valve Amplifier, .OLD 1986-87 ERA B.K. BUTLER/CHANDLER TUBE DRIVER VS 2000s ERA B.K. BUTLER TUBE DRIVER - The core circuit design on the 2000s reissue 911 Tube Driver is similar to the original 1985-87 versions, but there were several component value changes across the circuit that affect the way it sounds, as well as different.

  1. Hi all! As promised here is the schematic of the early tube driver traced from the guts posted on this thread. The most significant differences compared to the new RI edition.Bk Butler Tube Driver 911. Condition is Used. Got very little use from me. Two knobs have some cosmetic damage but does not affect functionality.

  2. B K Butler - Tube Driver The B K Butler Tube Driver has been used by several of Rock Guitar's greats - David Gilmour and Eric Johnson to name just two. There are many schematics out there as well as a wealth of PCB projects.A short test of my B.K Butler Tube Driver, a wonderful overdrive. The amp is setted to bedroom level. Listen to the sound, and don't pay too much attention.

  3. B.K. BUTLER REAL TUBE OVERDRIVE - The Tube Driver is a booster/overdrive pedal with an IC and vacuum tube driven preamp circuit inside.Feb 28, 2012 The B K Butler Tube Driver has been used by several of Rock There are many schematics out there as well as a wealth of PCB projects.

Inspired by the Hammond organ sound of the band Deep Purple in the 1970s, the genesis of the Tube Driver happened when Brent K. Butler wanted.Jan 3, 2012 Re: BK Butler - Tube Driver. Post by MWichni » Sun Jan 15, 2012 1:25 pm. Hi guys, I will upload a schematic and pcb layout from a traced .

ORIGINAL TUBE DRIVER DESIGNER'S GENERAL WARNING! Some used 4-knob Tube Drivers marked 'Chandler' are NOT the original design by BK BUTLER.Tube Driver Please Note: This project has some problems with noise. Build it at your own risk! This is the Tube Driver clone. The layout included is for an off-board tube socket (not mounted.

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Freestompboxesorg view topic behringer vintage tube overdrive. Schematic the illuminist sol et luna. Guitar fx layouts tubeworks real tube 901. David gilmour tone building tube driver. Bk butler tube driver. Freestompboxesorg view topic bk butler tube works tube driver. Bk butler tube driver 911 4 knob fx discussions on thefretboard.BK Butler Tube Driver The Tube Driver is a somewhat famous pedal, I’d guess it to be the most well-known tube-based distortion pedal. It runs the 12AX7 stages at very low plate voltage—about 9 volts.

Dean Markley Overlord to B K Butler Tube Driver So, I've got one of these and I've got to admit - I agree with the advert - it's ugly as sin but it does sure cook an amp nicely, but it could be better.This is NOT a beginner's project. This was traced from a recent B K Butler pedal and has the bias pot modification which alters the voltage on the cathodes of the 12AX7.